5 Unconventional Ways You Can Make Money from Music

So we live in an age where the potential ways to make money are vast. As a musician how can you tap into other streams of revenue? Here’s 5 feasible ways to make money in today’s world.

  • Freelance. Look for projects online on websites such as freelancer.com, upwork.com and peopleperhour.com. There are projects for things such as intro music and video game music just waiting for you to go and produce. As well as that, there are a lot of projects that just need a singer or a guitarist etc


  • Approach a small business and ask if they would like to sell your CD for a commission. Some coffee shop owners/pubs/restaurants are open to the idea of playing your CD at their establishment, especially when it means they get a cut every time they sell your CD!


  • Start an incursion experience. Go to schools with a songwriting workshop. The teacher’s and the school will be happy as they don’t have to hassle with organising buses and extra helpers and the kids will have a ball!


  • Add affiliate marketing to your band’s/artist page. If you really like a specific product why not advertise it on your own site? It’s not selling out or spam because it is something you support.


  • Create unique merchandise. Ever bought a bands own beer? how about a soccer ball? There are hundreds of different products you could design with your band. If it’s something that people would like already then why wouldn’t they want to buy it from their favorite band?
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