8 Tips for Aspiring Musicians

1. Start Playing with other musicians as soon as you can!

The sooner you start playing with other musicians the faster you progress as a musician. You can bounce ideas off each other and learn from each other.

guitarist-585939_12802. Once you learn enough to start writing your own songs then go for it!

Nothing’s holding you back and you can now enjoy your instrument and use it to colour your inner self.

3. Try and play with musicians that are better than you.

You will play better yourself as you don’t have to worry so much about trying to ‘carry’ the band.

4. Get a professional lesson.

Professional teachers have expertise on their instrument and can help prevent you from forming bad habits and can ‘shortcut’ your journey to becoming a better player.

5. Learn another instrument.

Try out some other instruments so you can get a feel of how each instrument works as a unit.

6. Practice with a metronome.

If your time is good then the music will sound great. Nothing is better than a perfectly locked in band. When you don’t have the time to practice with other musicians then grab a metronome and develop your internal clock.

metronomes-812679_12807. Learn some music theory.

Get online and find some music theory pages. Better yet, why not search around Crafty Muso. We have heaps of resources to help you understand music theory. The more theory you know the more you can do with the language of music. It’s just like learning the grammar of a new language!

8. A little bit every day.

Practicing every day for only 20 minutes is much better than practicing every third day for an hour. Pick a time and stick to it because it’s all about building connections in your brain and strengthening these. There are many studies that suggest this every day for a smaller amount of practice routine is best. I recommend this book.

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