Do You Get Stuck With ‘Writers Block’?

We’ve all at one point felt stuck in the headlights of fear. Fear of not knowing what to produce. What will I do next, what will people think if I produce my art in a way that I haven’t before. The truth is you don’t know what is going to happen until you actually go and try it. When we are faced with “writers block” we are either, a: not creating art for arts sake or b:creating art that we are scared to create.

If you lie in the ‘a’ category you are probably trying to produce something because you think it ought to be done and that because you’re a musician you need to be creating more stuff. However, when you get down to it you realise there is no point doing this because you aren’t really creating anything that deserves to be heard. Go out get inspired then come back when you have something worth saying.


When we fear what others think our art is compromised. if you lie within category ‘b’ I say be bold and create with full intention. If someone thinks it’s bad it doesn’t mean that it is. All it means is that the person doesn’t resonate with it. In reality, if it resonated within yourself then there is someone out there who it will resonate with. Why change your approach to fit one person, instead, change your audience to fit the art.

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