Paid Marketing for Your Band

Are you looking to take the next step with your music project? Has your band hit a wall in the level that it’s reached? Maybe you’ve already invited your friends to all your gigs via Facebook?

Traditionally most musicians shun the idea of paid advertising (I used to at least). Our music should be good enough that it sells itself right? not true. Whilst having a great ‘product’ (your music) is the most important part of your business, the voice that you yell your brand with can only reach so far by itself. Of course immediately when starting a band you tell your friends about it in the hopes that they will tell more people. Usually this stops somewhere down the line and is hard to get bigger.

The problem is that you are not introducing any new markets to your product. It’s great that you’ve found your niche but is it where you want to stay? It definitely could be. However, if you want to increase your presence then paid advertising might be the way to go.

Let me explore some different options with you, the first being the good old google ad.


To see how much it would actually cost to advertise jazz music to people in the Adelaide area I went right ahead and did it myself. The information that this screenshot is telling you is that it costs roughly $1.60 every time someone clicks your google ad.

Now you might be thinking this is crazy?! $1.60 is a lot of money for me. The potential of one click however can be enormous. First let me explain why it costs what it does. Someone somewhere has ‘bid’ on this google ad, so they deem it to be worth this much to them. In order to place your next ad you need to match or better the previous offer. So with that in mind, how is this link providing value to you?

Firstly, it’s targeted. The person that clicks on your link doesn’t click it by accident. He/She has searched specifically in google for jazz music. They have then seen your ad for live jazz music and because they were interested they clicked on it. Now is where the real potential starts.

You now have the said person on your site which provides information on the gig. Now, it could be for one gig or it could be for many, you have the power because they are now on your site. If it were me I would now have a mailing list set up and a way to buy your latest album etc. But lets say that they didn’t want to sign up. They just want to go to one gig, that’s fine too.

At your gig you have another transaction with your customer. You can recognise a new face and approach the person with yourself as your brand. A human being is much more convincing than a website. You ask them if they enjoyed the show and if they would like to take the bands card with a discount code for the album on their website. You tell them your bands story and make the conversation memorable. Then when their colleague asks them what they did last night at work they can tell them intimately about your band and generate interest from someone you had no idea you would reach.

What I’m saying is in order to expand your reach sometimes you need the help of a bigger distributor. If your product then satisfies it can tap into a whole new market. If you can make a new ‘customer’ remember you and talk about you, that is when you’re onto a winner.

I’ve only talked about the potential for google ads in this article, however, if you would like me to discuss other advertising ideas then get in contact with me at or sign up using the table above this post.

For a great resource check out Music Marketing for the DIY Musician: Creating and Executing a Plan of Attack on a Low Budget


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