Improve Your Phrasing With One Simple Trick

When you’re improvising you often fall into patterns and habits. Playing becomes predictable and boring. One specific area that this is most apparent in is the way you phrase your lines. One simple practice technique can take you away from that. This technique is to sing your solo and transcribe it.


Put on your backing track and record yourself (just with a phone or anything handy). Sing one chorus improvising freely, no doubt you have ideas in your head and your voice is the fastest connection between musical ideas in your head and their execution. Next, get your instrument in hand and transcribe what you just sung (correcting pitches where necessary). What you will notice is a far more natural and melodic structure and a sense of story and direction that you may have not had in your playing before. I guarantee that you will find new ways to play after doing this exercise a couple of times.

Let me know how you went with this in the comments below!

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