Recording Vocals on Your Electronic Song

I was recently recording vocals for my E.P and thought why don’t I write a guide on recording vocals?

Here are some snippets from my session with Yen Yen Stender.

Use a printout of the lyrics and a pen.

If you have a physical thing that the singer can make changes on it makes it easier to perform in an optimum way.


Loop a selection that you are recording.

Looping a section provides multiple takes so that the singer can seamlessly attempt a passage again and again.

Sort your lyrics out first.

This one thing can speed up your recording session so much. Being unsure of lyric content or not having any can really take a huge amount of time to come up with.

Keep focused but lighthearted.

You want to keep spirits high but you also don’t want to waste each others time. Finding that balance is the best way to have a great recording session

Trust the singers judgement.

If the singer didn’t fell happy with their take, do it again. Every time.thumbs up

Experiment with different vocal styles.

You might be surprised at how a different tone could be the one you wanted all along. It can be the difference that makes your track or not.

Invest in a pop filter.

No need to elaborate on that one.pop filter

Show the singer the material in advance.

The more background they have on the song the easier it will be for them to sing.

Make sure the singer has a great mix in their headphones.

If the singer is happy with the mix and can hear themselves perfectly then it gets them into the zone much faster and they can concentrate on giving you the performance that you want.

Leave the hard/high/screamy stuff till the end.

You don’t want to wear the singer out before they’ve recorded all the other parts!

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