Using Online Freelancers as a Musician

The great thing about the internet is that you have access to many talented people all around the world. People that can help you as a musician do things that you want but might not know how to do.

For example, if you’d like a website for your band but aren’t sure how to go about getting one. You could jump on a freelancing site and post an ad stating ‘Design a Band Website’, propose a budget and let people bid for your project. You can award the project to the person you think is most suitable and instruct them on what you would like.

Perhaps you need a band logo and you don’t want to spend much money, the perfect solution? They have many freelancers offering services for just $5. I personally have used it to design this websites logo!


So where can you go to post your project?

I personally recommend I use this myself as a freelancer and it is a great platform for online freelancing, and yes, I am also an affiliate for them. Other sites that I recommend and are recommended by others are and

For the smaller projects as I mentioned is a great place to get logo designs etc done.

The great thing is you can post all variety of projects on these sites. Perhaps you are a producer and you need some guitar loops for a new song you are working on. You could post a job, set your budget and get the product you desire. Another example may be that you need a cheap music video made, on you can even make this a competition where you pay the best one!

The potential is there guys, a small investment online could make a big difference for your band! You may also want to personally sign up as a freelancer. I myself do some voice acting work and content editing and it’s great!

Let me know in the comments if you are using this resource or plan to. If you aren’t or don’t feel like it’s for you I’d love for you to tell me why not.


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