9 Ways You Can Write Great Lyrics

Lyrics are a part of the songwriting process that can sometimes go on for much longer than it should, here are some tips to write better lyrics in a shorter amount of time.

1. Write everything down

If you hear something in everyday life that could make a great hook then write it down for later. You can expand on this idea and frame it in many different ways with your words in order to create great lyrics.

This is one way that you can have something ready next time you’re writing to avoid getting stuck and getting nowhere. An example of something is perhaps an analogy that somebody made such as “It’s like a rotten fruit in a fruit store, nobody wants to buy it”.

2. Use Irony

People love clever irony. Try it out in your songs.

3. Come up with a topic

You need to know the general theme or topic about what you are writing about. Pick an emotion or a scenario you’ve experienced. If it’s more vivid for you then your words will be more vivid and incite the same emotion in your listener.DSC_0702

It’s hard to talk about the things that we care about the most but these things translate in songs. People love something that is relatable or tells a story that they want to listen to.

4. Use Metaphors

Metaphors can create a new perspective on anything. Often it’s not the story that you tell but the way you tell it that engages a listener. Instead of being plain and stating your thoughts clearly try engaging the audience with a clever metaphor that gets them thinking.

5. Write freely then organise your lyrics later

Don’t worry too much about the finer points of your writing. Let it flow because you can always go back and edit it later. Write in a stream of consciousness style and assess the content afterwards for good structures and lines that resonate.



6. Re-visit

The amount of times I’ve gone back and changed my words when they’re actually sung would be in the 100’s. It always sounds different off the paper. You will have to change and adapt things for the human voice. The more you do it the better you’ll get at it.

7. Be concise

A song shouldn’t try to provide too much content. If you want to do that then poetry is probably a better option. Being concise doesn’t mean being boring or not writing creatively. Great lyrics sum up what you have to say in a digestible sized amount of content.


8. Use Imagery

Eliciting an image in the listeners mind makes the lyrics more vivid and engaging. Instead of stating our first kiss, give the listener a more descriptive picture, the shirt they were wearing, the way they held you etc.

9. Write in your own style

You have your own voice so don’t ignore it. Go with what feels write the first time and don’t write if you know you’re forcing the issue.

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