The Fastest Way to Improve Your Practice Results

Record yourself on video and watch it back.

I guarantee you this will help your playing. Initially you will hate yourself for a bit, however, once you get over that it soon becomes the best way to really analyse where you’re going wrong or what you should be focusing on in your practice routine.

When I was in my first year of my jazz degree I did this every time I practiced and the results were a more focused practice routine that meant I was no longer wasting time doing the things I didn’t need to practice.

The same thing works for band rehearsals. You can watch the video of yourself to see where you are going wrong in the song and it makes it a lot easier to be objective when you’re not analysing in the moment

I personally use a Q3HD to record as it has great audio quality and the visual element is a bonus. It doesn’t clip and adapts to the volume of what is being recorded. You can buy it on Amazon here.


The important point is to not beat yourself up on the feedback you’re getting. Something I talk to a lot of other musicians about is this sense of separating yourself from your musical voice when receiving feedback. Yes it’s a very personal art and the best musicians are those who are open but we have to get rid of self validation through our art.

A bit off topic but I think it’s really valid for musicians to remember.

Recording a gig can be a great way to see how it looks for the audience and what you’re doing right and wrong in their eyes. Maybe there’s a song where everyone goes to the bar? Or a song that everybody seems to know the words to. You can get really deep with your analysis of some simple footage! this will be the fastest way to improve your practice results

Will you be embracing this technique or do you already do it? Let me know in the comments below!

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