Why Making Small Goals Will Help You Succeed

First let’s just clear something up. I’m in no way saying don’t make big goals, on the contrary in fact. Big goals are more inspirational and give you more meaning to strive for something. Here’s the catch, they’re also very easy to abandon!

If you take your big goal and break it down into tiny tiny tasks then I guarantee you’ll have more chance of getting to the end goal.

Say you are learning a difficult piece of music. Instead of thinking that you have to learn it straightaway in it’s entirety ┬ábreak it down into 4 bar sections. Start nailing each 4 bar section and before you know it you’ll have learn the whole song and may not even be aware of your progress.


Perhaps you are working on an album or E.P. Instead of focusing on the project as a whole break it down as much as you can. It could be as small as writing the lyrics for one verse. Competing these tasks and checking them off is slowly building more confidence going to the next task and instead of seeing the big goal as this daunting thing it now appears that you’re closer to the finish line every time you get to the next activity, because you are!


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