How a Loop Pedal Can Improve Your Time

You’d be surprised how poor your time may be when you use a loop pedal for the first time.

It may take you a good amount of time before you can even get a decent first loop down to play with. The good news is that once the first one is down that it’s pretty easy from there on.

Loop pedals are great because they allow you to play as a ‘one man band’. You can experiment with new sounds and compositions without having to worry about setting up recording equipment. They also can give another element to a performance.


The thing in particular that I would like to focus on however is the use of a loop pedal to practice your time. You need to start and stop your loop in time and also keep a consistency of time throughout that period. You may record 4 bars that start and stop in time but speed up or slow down throughout. This will be immediately obvious when you start to play over the top of what you just recorded.

You can also do other exercises such as recording a percussive track and then working on hitting different subdivisions of the bar throughout. You may focus on getting the e of 3 (a sixteenth note after beat 3). The next pass you could work on hitting another subdivision.

Because it is all being recorded you have immediate feedback as to if you were dragging or rushing that subdivision.

If you have a loop pedal go and and practice these things, and if you don’t go and get one!

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