6 Musical Purchases That Have Been Great Investments

Here are 6 musical purchases that are essentials for me and have been great value.

Zoom Q4 Handy Video Recorder

If I’ve ever needed to record something quickly this has been great. It handles loud sounds by adapting its input gain automatically. Audio is great for the price you pay and it has helped me out in many situations. Having the video component makes it even better as you can use it for visual feedback also. Recording rehearses and personal practice with this thing is the application I used it for the most.

Snark SN-5 Tuner for Guitar, Bass and Violin

Snark make great clip on tuners that are cheap, durable and accurate. Definitely the better of clip on tuners I’ve tried, highly recommended.

Hercules DG305B iPad Holder

Tough, durable and well designed, just clip it onto a mic stand and you have a great setup for performing. I put songs and set lists on my ipad and use it as a reference for gigs. You don’t want your ipad falling off a stand so it’s worth it to get a good holder.

Etymotic Research ER20 ETY-Plugs Hearing Protection Earplugs, Standard Fit, Clear Stem with Frost Tip

I use the etymotic earplugs to save my ears. In the future I will invest in custom moulded ones that do a better job however these ones are a good pair until I get custom moulded ones.

The Jazz Theory Book

Such a good resource on theory. Even if you’re not a jazz player you can get a lot out of this book!

DiMarzio Instrument Cable Black 10 Foot

I’ve had my Dimarzio cable for about 4 years now and never had a problem. These really are the best cable, super durable and relatively cheap for how good they are!

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