Networking and Psychology as a Musician

The Psychology of interaction and other skills that will help you further increase your contacts and create good impressions on people will be discussed in this post.

Firstly I’d like to talk about communication and the various forms of it. There is written communication, verbal communication and non verbal communication. There is also visual communication now which is the sending photos to each other. Let’s break these down and see how we can be more effective in each medium.

It is really important that we are getting across the message we want to give across and there have been many studies on communication. We could talk all day about this but I just want to break it down and make the knowledge usable to you as musical entrepreneurs (you are). First let’s take written communication. Now you know how in a text message the meaning can sometimes be lost and that a person can take what you said the wrong way.

Hence context and tone are very important. This is where having a great vocabulary comes in handy too. In order to address more esteemed people it is sometimes necessary to use language that they use. Similarly when talking to people who use a very limited vocabulary you also can adopt this limited word choice. It is known that someone will relate to another person more easily when the other person is using the same language as them, I’m not talking English to English here I’m talking about word choice. That is why we normally hang out with people who speak similarly to us, obviously there are exceptions but I think you get the point.

Therefore, every time that you are writing consider what message you are putting across. This is called copywriting and it’s quite different to copyright. There are many resources out there that explore all these ideas further and that is why google exists so you can go and check out this information for yourself. Normally whatever you write, you’ll for the most part want to connect with the other person so using language that facilitates this is quite important.


Moving on to verbal communication the same things that applied with communication still bear weight. The word choice and content have to be what you intend. However, voice adds the element of tone and it’s amazing how much impact this can have. Meaning can more easily be given with tone and there is less chance for error. If you need to discuss something important it is wise to do this via verbal communication as opposed to written communication.

The last one we’ll look at is non verbal communication or body language. There have been many studies on body language and when engaged in interactions with another person physically, the non verbal communication actually makes up more than 70% of communication. Things like body posture, facial expressions and even body placement can have dramatic effects on the content of conversation. Crazily enough sometimes all it takes is the direction of the person’s shoes to feel like they’re not included in a conversation.

To appear convincing and to effectively communicate and network you will need to learn skills of posture, eye contact and facial expressions. Whilst this comes natural to many people, some actually need to learn these skills, and if you think they can’t be learnt then you’re wrong.

So what are some ways that you think you could improve your communication skills, they can always be improved upon. Write down some things to work on or things to try.

So that pretty much covers how we communicate, but what about all the other elements of networking. Firstly we want to put ourselves into a situation where we can meet new relevant people. They say that luck is preparation meeting opportunity and I think this is so correct. If you have everything sorted then you meet the right person via placing yourself in a situation where this can happen, for example a conference.

The outcome of this can be enormous, it could be that big break you’ve been trying for, and it will happen if you have your stuff sorted and you put yourself out there. I’d encourage you to go to as many events as possible and talk to everyone that is you physically can. At worst you’ll learn something you didn’t before in most cases.

We have this irrational fear of talking to new people and that’s all it is, irrational. 99% of the time the person won’t fob you off, and even if they do, so what. It doesn’t do you any harm. Seth Godin calls this the lizard brain and you can look further into that if you want. If you feel like you’re a person that finds it hard to do these sorts of things then reading his writing may help you. Having a business card handy also helps in these social situations as they have an easy means for remembering you and the conversation and having a contact number if need be.

So once you do make the contact you’re going to have to make sure that you stay in contact. If you really want a connection to work then you have to be the one doing the calling. If the person doesn’t hear back from you they will soon forget all about the thing you talked about so really make an effort to do this.

Also you can always ask new people you meet for their contacts. More often than not you will find they know someone who can help you further progress as a musical entrepreneur. I know this to be true personally because guests that I interview, after I finish the interview I ask them if they know anyone who would be interested in doing what they just did and most of the time I get 2 or 3 names to contact, its great!

How can you place yourself in front of the right people? Write down some ways you think this can be achieved.

This is an excerpt from my online course available HERE

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