How to Get Better at Creating Facebook Content as a Musician

A vast majority of bands and musicians have Facebook pages but how many actually know how to use them well?

Read on if you’re in the mood to up your game on Facebook as I will delve into the realm of Facebook content.


What you post about can have a huge impact on your reach. Your reach (how many people view your particular post) is processed among other methods with a process called EdgeRank. Whilst this is not the only tool to determine your reach on Facebook it does play a big part in how Facebook works.

The system is basic to understand, it essentially boils down to the ratio of interaction (likes, comments, shares etc) when compared to how many people view it. Posts, Videos and Pictures  that engage your fans and prompt them to interact with your content mean that more people will view your content.

That begs the question of what type of posts you should be making. Obviously you want the post to be engaging but how can you gauge that? The things I think you should be looking at are the tone of you writing style, your choice of words and importantly the person you’re trying to engage with

There’s no point writing too formally if you’re in a punk band whose image is very ‘gung ho’. Similarly if you know you have an audience which is predominantly say vegan then you aren’t going to go around promoting meat eating.

The trick is to write Facebook content in a way that is conversational, inviting, entertaining or informative. If it doesn’t really satisfy these components then people are less likely to engage.

Generally images and videos do better than test as these visual mediums are sometimes more engaging or quicker to digest. Photos of the band/musician doing something interesting often work better than writing about it.

Let’s look at an example of a band creating engaging content



Here you can see that the band is appealing to fans of lord of the rings within their own fans generating interest and associating the band with cool activities.

Another example is Incubus being silly and shooting a wacky video of them making beats with their ponchos.


I hope you get the idea, maybe to solidify it I’ll show you a post that isn’t as engaging


Whilst this serves a purpose it doesn’t really engage the audience. Obviously not everything you post will be a home run but it’s definitely something to consider.

What Facebook content has worked for you as a musician or band? Post it in the comments below, and if you’re enjoying the website why not subscribe? (it’s free!)

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