Managing Relationships as a Musician

So I was talking to a friend last night and we got onto the topic of relationships as a musician and how it can be hard to be compatible with another person especially when the other person is working more ‘normal’ hours such as 9-5 during the week. This can put a strain on a relationship when one person is at home while the other is working and when both people want to spend their free time with the other person they can’t because the other person is working.

This is much the same as any occupation that has shift work and a reason why sometimes people that work shifts such as nurses find that having a relationship with another nurse who understands where they are coming from to be more successful.


One thing that I think is important is to make it clear from the start how the relationship could function. It is very appealing initially to date a musician but somewhere down the track he or she finds that they are not able to spend time with the other person as they would like to.

As with all relationships it’s about give and take and sacrifice. Communicating about the problem is important and to address it and work around it together.

What have your experiences been and how have you worked through it?

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