Thinking of a Band Name

It can take a ludicrously long time to come up with a band name that the whole band can agree on. Suggestions are offered and dismissed for being too ‘lame’ or ‘not catchy enough’ and a perpetual loop goes on. It’s kind of strange to think how important and simultaneously how unimportant the actual name is.

There are plenty of examples where a band has a really lame name but this doesn’t effect their growth and popularity. People tend to make a band name cool by mere association. Say for example that you call your band a word that doesn’t even have a meaning such as kayuntassa (I’m assuming it doesn’t have a meaning in another language). Even though this word doesn’t have meaning, as people listen more to your music and become fans the word starts to take on meaning.


Hopefully that lets you feel a bit better about the decision making process of a band name, but what are some practical ways to find a name?

Why not try grabbing a dictionary and opening to two random pages and picking a word from each and combining them to get a band name? I just tried this and here are some examples that I got.

Forsake Reason
Swank Victor
For Mind
Stigma Relapse
Plug Shroud

Another way is to take something of some significance to the band. Perhaps the street name where the band rehearses or the bands favourite bar or video game. Obviously it may not be a direct copy but some kind of variation.

There are also a lot of forums and websites where people come up with band names or you could ask for a suggestion.

How did you come up with your band name? I’d love to hear some stories

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