Doing Market Research as a Musician

Figuring out where your music fits in the local scene can be quite beneficial to figure out how you go about promoting your own music.

One example I would like to use for is a common one, a solo cover artist.

Typically the solo cover artist accompanies themselves with a guitar or perhaps piano. Now defining who we are looking at we can further explore how market research can be important and how it can be used practically.


An obvious one for a cover artist is that they go and watch other people doing the same work and getting an idea about what works for them and doesn’t. This could include repertoire, set structure/order or even how the interact with the crowd. Take notes either physically or mentally and try them out at your next show.

Obviously you can do this for any type of music, find a close enough example of what you do and see what people are doing with it and how you could use these strengths of their performances to shape your own. Obviously you don’t want to just copy them but analysing others can be a good way to look more critically at what you do yourself.

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