Working On A Remix (Ableton Tutorial)

3:33 Beat repeat on vocals
4:00 Volume automation
5:40 Electric Piano
7:25 Label your tracks (reasons to)
8:00 Bass (real instrument)
9:30 Drum Rack explained
12:00 Reverb on drums
12:50 Why you should start working on tunes even if you’re not happy with the sound yet
13:30 reverse cymbals
14:00 Riser or reverse cymbal?
14:20 Muted guitar
15:10 Filter delays as a tool to add width to your mix
16:40 Sylenth and freezing tracks
19:00 lowpass bass as a pad
20:00 work on a track with me?
20:20 Midi effects (arpeggiators)
22:15 soloing two tracks at once

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