10 Life Hacks for Musicians

Being an efficient and effective musician means spending your time wisely. Here are some life hacks to help you out.

1. Use electrical tape on your leads

Buy sine electrical tape and tape your leads. Choose a colour that isn’t very common so that you know which leads are yours easily. This saves the headache of trying to work out who’s leads are who’s and prevents theft of your precious cables.


2. Keep your gear in the same place at home.

Searching for where you left your guitar isn’t helpful when you’re already 5 minutes late for the gig! Keep it in a place where you’ll see it often so that it encourages you to pick it up and practice it more regularly. Guitar hooks can not only show off your guitar and add some style to the room but can also serve as a reminder to play more.


3. Consistent practice times

Set a time that you’ll stick to for practice so that you can consistently practice every day. Establishing a routine and habit will make it more likely that you’ll get practice in. It’s better to practice 30 minutes every day than to practice once a week for 3 hours.

4. Keep your music folders organised.

If you are reading long charts then tape them together so that you can have more then 2 pages on a music stand and can turn pages more easily. It also helps you not lose pages from your chart. Remember to bring pegs for your charts if you are playing outside also. or save the problem entirely by going digital and putting it on a tablet for your gig.

5. Buy second hand instruments

Do your research before buying a new instrument and look for second hand instruments. You could score a bargain on a second hand instrument that is worth more than it’s selling price. The value of instruments dramatically decreases unless it’s an old vintage instrument. Take advantage of this.


The irony is that these second hand instruments are probably more expensive

6. Have an invoice template

Have an invoice template in place so you don’t have to keep writing up new invoices. Make sure it’s automated and that you number your invoices and date them!

7. Read accidentals first

Read the key signature before anything else on a piece of music. The amount of times I forget to do this….


8. Learn digitals

Learn the digitals of songs so that you can transpose them more easily.

9. Teach each oher

Find a practice partner on the same instrument and teach each other. free lesson!

10. Have your own business card.

You never know when someone will ask for it and what kind of work you could get out of it.


What life hacks would you add?

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