My Prediction of The Future of Music Notation

Technology clearly has a massive impact on the canvas of the craft of music. Constant improvements to existing best practices means that everything is open to a better alternative.

One aspect that really has me stumped is the ongoing usage of paper charts. The future of music notation is clearly going towards digital scores. Not only is this good for the environment but think of what it can mean in the bigger scheme of things.

Musicians can have their tablet devices connected (wireless) to a foot pedal that turns pages. This is already happening and nothing new has to be made to do this. The main aspect that needs to be changed is the way people write charts. As paper is no longer required scores no longer need to save paper.


Coda’s, repeats, DS’s etc are all archaic devices that are no longer required. How much easier would it be if you just followed in a logical way from start to finish bar by bar. The file size will only be slightly bigger (we are still talking kb’s!) and it just makes everything so much easier.

There really is no reason why this isn’t being used besides the fact that it isn’t in the meta of music arranging and scoring. If you write music for ensembles let me know your thoughts on this idea and if you are still using archaic paper let your score provider know that you want change.

Is this a future of music notation that you’d like to see? let me know your views in the comments below.

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