Meditation for the Musician

In a world of constant distraction and ‘noise’ it’s often hard to find your inner voice. This alone is enough for somebody to want to seek the benefits that come from meditation. I may well have titled this ‘why meditation helps everyone’ but being a music education blog it doesn’t really fit.

I won’t actually get specific into how it can help you specifically as a musician because quite simply it won’t. It will help you become a better person however, and in turn become a better musician.

The beauty of meditation I think lies in the ease and ROI (return on investment). For a 20 minute investment every morning you can get what I would subjectively refer to from my own experience as a 30% increase in attention throughout the day. Not only do you get out of a reactive state where instead you now have the head-space to respond instead (yes there’s a difference) but you get a ‘bigger picture’ outlook.


Meditation Technique

Personally I use Vipassanā meditation to centre my focus and concentrate on mindfulness (a word I am skeptical to use because of the ‘new age bias’ it receives). It is essentially just a way to quiet the mind and focus on consciousness instead of being taken for a ride by your thoughts. When meditating I will try and let thoughts come and dismiss them and let them fade away by focusing on either my breath or some word (at the moment I use centre).

Keeping this as a daily ritual also helps get you in a ‘flow state’ that can help you with the creative process. There, I did it, I actually tied it in with being a musician!

Do you practice meditation? if so I’d like to hear your approach. If you haven’t tried meditation I’d like to hear why also, or if you’ve tried and decided it’s not for you.

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