How to Make Your Practising More Engaging by Using Backing Tracks

I was recently teaching a new bass student for the first time. He had never received a lesson before but had taught himself quite well. A moment of breakthrough however came when I showed him the world of backing tracks that are available from sites such as youtube.

He had been learning his major scale (a worthy cause) so I found a track for him to practise his scales over so that not only was he internalising the scale and the shape on the fretboard but he could also hear the sound of each note over the static chords and build his ears ability.

Not only that but because now there was a time element it helps you improve your time and overall groove. Even if you are just playing crotchets or quavers up and down the scale this will still help you.

Here is one you can use yourself.

Try using the C major scale over this, Practising different rhythms, arpeggios, 2 or 3 octave scales, short licks or melodic ideas etc. The possibilities of practising using this method is quite vast.

Next time you are stuck with your practice try finding a backing track you can use to give life to your practise. Be sure to use all different styles of tracks and to have fun with it.




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