Why Every Musician Should Learn to Produce Their Own Music

me on bass
If you don’t know, I actually produce my own music under the name ‘Flow Thesis‘ on soundcloud. Whilst I may not be world class it has taught me many things about music and helped me to be more creative and listen to music in a different way. This post will explain why I think you should learn to produce your music. Produce your music how you want and learn some important skills along the way

Before I started producing I listened on a more ‘primitive’ level. I listened only to the words of a song and the energy and the riffs and chords. There was one fundamental thing that I wasn’t picking up on that now after learning some production skills and making my own music has become so obvious. This thing was timbre. Not just timbre but also elements like reverb and space and the sonic ‘landscape’. When you produce your music you will immediately realise just how much you may have not been listening to!


Check out my interview with composer Chris Larkin who uses working with a DAW to help his compositional techniques.

Some people are unaware just how much fun and enjoyment you can get out of composing tracks and messing around with various audio parameters. Nowadays there are so many plugins and tools that let us produce and really all you need is a decent pair of headphones!

If you are an instrumentalist the freedom that being able to even just create a backing track for your own practise can be an immense leg up on your work. You can run musical exercises with accompaniment and see if your ideas work in context.


It will also increase your appreciation of other musical styles and the producers involved in the production of your favourite tracks. You think ‘Ah this is how he achieved that awesome sound on the record’. You may also find that it can help you pick out parts in music and hear what each member is playing and how they all blend together. Making you a better player when you understand your role more fundamentally in each style.

Did I mention how fun it is?

If you produce your music then you will find how how ideas in your head actually sound which can be so liberating. Also once you hear what is possible you will hear different things in your head which will in turn effect your playing live..

I encourage you if you haven’t to go and find a way to produce your own music and if you already are please leave a comment about how you produce music.



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