How Getting Private Lessons Accelerates Your Growth


Private lessons provide so much value and are probably the single best investment in making you a better player. Because music and learning an instrument is so technical and specific, a one on one lesson can really target the things that you are missing or work on your weaknesses as a musician.

Teachers also keep you on track and make you more focused than if you were teaching yourself. A commitment to weekly private lessons can start to establish strong habit and practice periods between the lessons.

A teacher will also know what level you are at better than you do yourself. This is important because they can give you material that is going to challenge you but not make you want to quit.


Of course there are bad teachers out there so I would advise you to get recommendations on teachers from other people who play your instrument.

Teachers can also become sources of work in the future. If you impress your teacher and they can’t make a gig then chances are you are going to get a call for the job (obviously depending on your skill level).

I’d say you should try different teachers and settle on one that will give you the progress that you desire. Good luck and happy practising!

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