Looking For Musicians To Play With

It can often be hard to find the right people to suit your band or act. Whether you are a singer looking for a guitarist to accompany you or the all to common band looking for a bass player. The question is, where do you find musicians to play with. Looking for musicians to play with you is all about trust and building a connection.

Normally quality musicians aren’t looking for work on classifieds (that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen but I believe it to be rare). Most people find bands and groups through word of mouth and friends of friends. Musicians that are already out performing find it much easier to join new bands because they have a reputation and are known in their communities. This is all the more incentive to go out their and start playing as soon as you can!

However if you are just beginning your musical performance journey then finding bands in the same style as yours and asking them if they know of people can be a good starting place. Don’t ask them if they want to join your band but ask if they know anyone who would (who knows they might like to themselves but if you phrase it this way it’s less annoying for them)

looking for musicians

Putting ads in music stores is also a very effective way of recruiting musicians. Make sure you make your ad stand out and use language that makes you look legitimate. A lot of beginners or ‘bedroom musicians’ may be interested in joining a band. They might be buying a new set of strings or a tuner etc and stumble upon your ad. Thus begins a hopefully great relationship for the future.

Remember to bear in mind that you will tend to attract players of the same kind of personality, experience and musical preferences. Don’t go out trying to convince people, instead just say what you’d like to do and see if they’re interested. There’s nothing worse than being in a band or listening to a band where members clearly don’t want to be there.

Generally getting involved in the music community and making friends will make it much easier to find musicians to play with. You can’t expect to be playing with great musicians if nobody knows who you are. So get out there and go make it happen!



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