Making Money On Fiverr as a Musician


So there’s this nifty website called Fiverr ( where you can offer any service that you can deliver digitally for five dollars! However, you might be thinking…Five dollars! that’s nothing, in saying this you would be correct. The beauty though is that you can add additional ‘add ons’ to bump up the price of the gig. Making money on fiverr as a musician then can provide some unique jobs.

My Personal Experience on Fiverr

I have been on Fiverr for about 7-8 months now and have sold gigs primarily as a voice over artist. Below are reviews of my voice over work.

fiverr screenshot


I have recently noticed the opportunities that musicians have on fiverr. I posted a gig stating that I would create an intro theme/jingle for podcasts and have already received interest. There are also gigs such as these below floating around on fiverr.

fiverr musicians gigs


So how do you actually get some work you may ask?

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