Making Money On Fiverr as a Musician

Setting Up a Great Fiverr Profile

First things first, you need a great looking profile that will stand out from the other sellers. You will need to have:

A great photo of yourself (preferably doing what it is that you will be selling)
A great bio, I recommend about 1 or 2 paragraphs. Mine is as follows (you are welcome to play around with it and edit it for your own purposes).

“I am a versatile freelancer offering voice over services as well as writing, editing and music education or recording. Whether its editing a resume or creating background music for your video game. I can meet your requirements and give you what you need, fast!”

It’s to the point and trying to appeal to what most buyers want on fiverr, a quality product delivered quickly. I speak from experience as I had my crafty muso logo designed by someone of fiverr (cost $25 for 4 revisions!)

Once you’ve got photos and a profile the next step is creating a great gig that will sell.

Creating a Great Gig

One little hack that you can do once you have a profile is to see what requests people are making. A video below perfectly illustrates this better than I can. I’ll write quickly for those that don’t have time to watch the video aswell.

The premise is to type in your username after and go to /requests. it should look like this but with your username in place of mine (

Here you will see a list similar to this:

fiverr requests


Boom! now you can see exactly what people are after and mould your gigs to their specific needs!

If you want to go one step further and guarantee getting more hits on you gig then create a video! It should state exactly what you do and be as professional as you can make it.



You could create a unique gig and be the only person to offer a particular gig and get customers that way!

You’re all set up, Time to Deliver!

You’re on your way to making money on fiverr as a musician! Good luck and let me know how you go!

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