Learning an Instrument Takes Time!

I’ve been doing a lot more video content lately but had the urge to write this time. I wanted to write about a comment that I’m sure you all hear so often. It is some variation of ‘You’re so talented, I wish I could do that’. Well the answer is, YOU CAN!

Of course this is probably just a conversational ‘filler’ but hearing people say this all the time can get so monotonous. People don’t understand that it is maybe 10% talent and 90% hard work and practice. The thing is those that want to start playing just can’t invest the time required to get to the level they want to. The same goes for many things of course but it’s definitely super common with music.


I am currently investing my time in learning to skateboard again and becoming better at jiu jitsu as well as video editing and teaching. I know that I’m not at the point I want to be at in these fields so what do I have to do? Invest more time and energy. Now of course you can be smarter in this by not wasting time learning non essential things (obscure scales/playing songs you can already nail over and over) but ultimately it takes time.

I often get frustrated that I’m not making as much progress as I want but it’s easy to look day to day and not notice much but over the period of a month or half a year relatively short when compared to our lifetime) then you can see some monumental leaps and that is really satisfying stuff. I encourage all of you to go back to an old recording of yourself and to just be grateful in how far you have come since then.

What are you trying to work on? Let me know in the comments below!

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