Do You Know How To Use a Microphone Properly?

Sounds like a dumb question right?


The amount of singers who don’t know how to effectively use their ‘instrument’ (the microphone) is phenomenal. I put instrument in brackets because of course the body is technically the instrument.

Now I don’t want to sound negative here, I just want everyone to be able to know hot to use a microphone properly so that they can get the most from their singing.

Firstly, don’t point the mic at the speaker. Your ears will die. I am of course talking about the F word, feedback. You don’t want it, I don’t want it. Even deaf people don’t want it! This includes foldback speakers so don’t put your hand down lazily while you’re holding a mic on stage.

Don’t cup the top of the microphone.





Cupping the microphone will cause the cardioid microphone (sound coming only from the front) to an Omni-directional microphone and will result in feedback.

Judging the distance of the mic is crucial. If you’re going to go for a loud part then pull it away so you don’t blow peoples heads off. Similarly if you want it to sound more intimate then bring the mic closer so you can get the sibilance from your voice to carry across .

Know what to ask the sound engineer for or know how to work the vocal channel yourself. This will mean that you can make yourself sound good out the front. If you need more foldback or more or less bass in your sound then adjust it so you can get the best possible sound.

Be aware of your lead. Avoid embarrassment by being aware of where your lead is. You don’t want to be tripping over it as you move around the stage.

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