Diversification as a Musician in the Modern Age

You study music, you graduate, you’re on your own. I hope you didn’t think someone would hold your hand and provide you with a fulfilling career in music. This stuff is hard and there is a reason most musicians aren’t just musicians. Many are educators, and others work in many other fields to keep the money coming in.

There is nothing wrong with making music a part of your life instead of the only thing with meaning in your life. I discovered this after graduating. So what did I do? I went and taught English in Vietnam for a year! While I was over there I didn’t abandon music though. I got to play with some talented musicians from all over the globe and have fostered great relationships that will continue into the future.

The thing is, it isn’t a failure as a musician to dedicate yourself to something else, maybe you don’t feel this way, I’m glad because I certainly did.

Getting over this has made me so much happier when I play music because I don’t put that irrational pressure on myself anymore.

What do you do apart from music? I’d be interested to hear what skills you find that cross over.

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